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Propylene glycol is a colourless organic liquid. The propylene glycol can be manufactured in different grades. The most controlled grade is called propylene glycol-USP. This is the kind that E-liquid uses.

PG is a fluid that has no odor or color, and is less viscous than VG. In vaping it is used to provide a throat hit. It also carries flavor more effectively than VG.

PG is a thinner e-liquid and because of this, higher PG is recommended in smaller tanks such as the Protank 2-3, evod's, nautilus tanks, T4 Tanks, and others alike. However, when used in sub-ohm tanks it can cause the tank to leak.
Propylene Glycol can be found in various common household items. Among others, these include:

Asthma Inhalers
Pet Food
Medical products used orally, injected or as topical formulations
Beauty products, including make-up, shampoo and Baby Wipes
Electronic Cigarettes
and More!
VG stands for Vegetable Glycerin. It is a natural chemical, derived from vegetable oil. It is commonly used in e-liquid to give a dense vapor. The hit from a high VG fluid is a lot smoother than with PG, making it more suitable for sub-ohm vaping.

The increased thickness of VG means it can reduce the life of atomisers quicker than PG-based juice. High VG liquids clog up coils more rapidly, and will not work well, if at all, in certain tanks. Older products are especially susceptible, particularly models that use smaller coils such as clearomizers, eVod's, Protank 2-3, Nautilus Tanks, iclear tanks, and T4 tanks are some of the more well-known tanks that are known to have difficulties dealing with high VG fluid.
Vegetable Glycerin can be found in various common household items. Among others, these include:

Sweetener as sugar replacement
Beauty Products, such as make-up, mousse, bubble bath, aftershave, and deodorant
Pet Food
Soap and hand cream
Foods such as baked goods--to increase moisture
To provide thick gel for certain medicinal creams, capsule pills, and jellies
Toothpaste and other dental care products
Electronic Cigarettes
and more!
Throat Hit – If you enjoy a sharp throat hit when vaping then you’ll prefer a high PG vape. The ‘kick’ at the back of the throat, is something many ex-smokers crave, and PG (along with the nicotine) provides more of this than VG. PG carries flavor marginally better than VG, so the flavor will be slightly improved.

Smoothness – High VG fluid tends to give a much smoother feeling on the throat, with a more substantial ‘thicker’ mouth feel. The flavor is slightly muted in VG fluids, but this can be countered by using more power to produce more vapor. Be careful to stay within the voltage/wattage limits of your atomizer, or you risk dry hits, or even damaging your equipment.

Stealth Vaping – If you want to keep your vaping low-key in public then high PG is the way to go. Less vapor is produced when exhaled, making this ideal for the less ostentatious vaping enthusiast. However, you should always apply common sense. Vaping in certain places, such as waiting rooms and on public transport, is often outlawed and is simply bad manners. As vaping is relatively new, we have a duty to be aware of public opinion and behave responsibly.

Cloud chasing – A growing trend in vaping circles is ‘cloud chasing‘. This simply involves exhaling dense clouds of vapor, the thicker the better. There are even competitive events based around this activity, where the person producing the biggest clouds wins. If this appeals then high VG is the only option – the higher the better.