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E-cig Instructions

E-cig Instructions

How Cig-a-Like Works
How Electronic Cigarettes Work
SV-100/Mini/King Batteries

How To Set Up Initially: The battery(The Longer end) and filter(also known as Cartomizer/shorter end of the E-Cigarette) will screw together. Commonly activated by a draw of air on the filter, or by holding a button while taking the draw(if applicable).

Charging: When the battery is dead the light will flash 10 times. To charge the battery, it will screw into the USB-Charger. Then the USB plug’s into the wall adapter or computer(depending on the kind of charger). We recommend using the wall adapter that comes with the kit. The USB charger contains a small light indicator which glows red when charging, red/green when the charger is almost complete, and green when the charge is complete. The light in some cases will be Purple/Pink when charging and Blue when complete.

How The Filters(cartomizers) Work: Inside the cartridge is a coil. This is a kanthal wire looped around a silica wick, and this is also known as an Atomizer. The atomizer is surrounded by a small tube that is then surrounded by a poly-fill (cotton like) material that is saturated with e-liquid. While the e-cig is in use the coil heats up causing the e-liquid to turn from a liquid to a vapor. An indicator of the cartridge being dead, is a burnt taste or flavor change.

E-liquid: E-liquid will commonly consist of only four ingredients. Propylene Glycol, and/or Vegetable Glycerin, Flavoring, and nicotine(if applicable). Propylene Glycol is FDA approved for use in things like dairy products, beverages, candy, and some pharmaceuticals. Vegetable Glycerin is also FDA approved and is commonly used in cosmetics, sweeteners, and preservatives.

How Long the Battery’s Last: A typical battery like our SV-100 is 280mAh(Battery Size), and will typically last two or three filters(equivalent from a pack, to a pack and a half worth of cigarettes). Where the King/Mini are 180mAh lasting one to two filters.